-for now I’ll just post 2 pics each of my new biases to get all th pics I have posted-

then will probably end th day with a Chanyeol and Bang Yong Guk ultimate spam XD sorry guys my fangirl feels XD


this is Bang Yong Guk….

just >.< him and Himchan are tied for first as being my top bias out of B.A.P…..he’s flipping amazing songwriter and rapper (and I don’t care much at all for rap….but I love his music)….and has most amazing voice just >.<….not to mention -in my eyes- very good looking just yeah……

go watch his single I Remember you’ll see why he is epic and why I love his music….not to mention that mv for that is freakin amazing…..in my opinon one of the best korean music videos I’ve watched